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Judicial Department services

Service Lists Notary services 1. Issuance of agencies. 2. Undertakings. 3. Declarations ( non-marriage, non-work, status approval, etc.). 4. Sales and assignment contracts. 5. Notification of heredity. 6. Proof of divorce. 7. Proof of marriage. 8. All other legal services. Public Prosecution services. 1. Opening reports. 2. Refund of guarantees. 3. Case services (certificates in penal cases. 4. Depositing and disbursing sums pending a case. 5.replace of bail pending a criminal case. 6. Cancel the travel ban. 7. Request for disclosure of issues. 8. Opposition services to penal rulings. 9. All other public prosecution services. Courts services. 1. Registration of conciliation and reconciliation claims. 2. Registration of family guidance lawsuits. 3. Registration of first-instance cases. 4. Under appeal. 5. Under implementation. (Execution file requests). 6. Certificates of non-bankruptcy (persons + companies). 7. Abu Dhabi Implementation Department 8. Implementation of the Abu Dhabi Labor Court. 9.All the court Services

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