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Golden Visa Services

In an effort to develop the service, the Tas’heel Muamalat Center announces the Khalidiya branch, Sheikh Zayed the First Street, opposite the Grand stores We are pleased to announce that, the submission of applications for golden residency for the following categories: - 1. Investors in public forms, and their families 10, years. 2. Investors in a real estate, and their families, 5 years. 3. Professional talents, 10 years. 4. High school seniors within the state, and their families, 5 years. 5. Executive Director of Entrepreneurs and their Families, 10 years. 6. Graduates of accredited universities within the country, and their families for 10 years. To inquire and request a service through: - 1. Toll Free: 8006776. 2. Telephone No.: 97126666654 3. Personal visit to the center's headquarters, Khalidiya area, Sheikh Zayed the First Street, opposite the Grand stores, Tasheel service center. Official working hours are from Saturday to Thursday from 8 am to 8 pm

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