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At Muamalat, bouquets of services are built around the true market needs of our clients.

TAW-JEEH Services

TAW-JEEH Training class started in our center

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    Tawjeeh Center is licensed by The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) to provide awareness and orientation services to employees and employers on its behalf through institutional partnership with the private sector according to the criteria of the Emirates Programme for Excellence in Government Services through Tawjeeh Centers. We at Quality Guidance Center provide Tawjeeh integrated services to the target customers of orientation and awareness operations under the Labor Law and the ministerial resolutions in execution thereto and any letters related to the labor market and the UAE society’s culture according to the controls and provisions set by the Ministry. Tawjeeh staffs are very happy to serve you with a smile whenever you will visit our Tawjeeh Center. Tawjeeh management is very supportive to empower us to fulfill our mission everyday. For appointments https://tasheelmuamalatonlineappointmentsystm.as.me/schedule.php

MOHRE “Tas’heel” Services

Tas-heel is designed to simplify all our labour related processes, improve output volume and increase efficacy giving you peace of mind.

    • New Electronic Work Permit

    • Renewal + Modification of Electronic Work Permit

    • Edit Electronic Work Permit

    • Renew Electronic Work Permit

    • New National and GCC Electronic Work Permit

    • Modify Contract

    • Modification of National or GCC Electronic Work Permit

    • Renew Mission Electronic Work Permit

    • Application for Incomplete Contract

    • Request for Original Contract

    • National or GCC Labour Card

    Electronic Companies

    • Create New PRO

    • Add or Remove Establishment for the PRO (E)

    • Cancel PRO Card

    • New License for Private Employment Agencies

    • Renewal of Private Employment Agencies

    • Cancel Request For Private Establishment Agency

    • E - signature Card

    • Modify Company Communication Info

    Non Electronic Companies

    • Open Establishment Form

    • Modify Establishment

    • Adding owners to the Establishment

    • Modifying / Deleting owners from Establishment

    • Lost Establishment card

    • Cancellation of Establishment

    • New Person Creation

    • Modify Person Information

    • Sponsorship Cancellation

    • Electronic Work Permit Cancellation

    • Pre Approval for Work Permit Cancellation

    • Unused Pre Approval for Work Permit Cancellation

    • Outside the Country Cancellation

    • Sick Cancellation

    • Death Cancellation

    • Labour Case Cancellation

    • Temporary Pre Approval for Work Permit Cancellation

    • Typing Electronic Pre Approval for Work Permit Application

    • Typing Mission Pre Approval for Work Permit Application

    • Typing Temporary Pre Approval for Work Permit Application

    • Replacement of Pre Approval for Work Permit

    • Typing Electronic Pre Approval for Work Permit Application – Prepaid

    • Typing Modify Pre Approval for Work Permit Application

    • Typing Electronic Pre Approval for Work Permit Application-Zones Corp

    • Typing Part Time Pre Approval for Work Permit Application

    • Typing Juvenile Pre Approval for Work Permit Application

    • Relative Pre Approval for Work Permit

    • E-Quota Request(More than 50 employees)

    • Request for quota for Electronic companies

    • E-Quota Request(Less than 50 employees)

    • Applying new Quota

    • Cancellation of E-quota application

    • Mission Quota

    • Request for Mission Quota

    • Absconding – Electronic

    • Withdraw Absconding Report

    • Customer Service Request

    • Police Letter To Arrest Runaway Labour

    • Complaints

    • Request for Certificate Exemption

ICA ( Visa & Other Immigration ) Services

Several steps are in place to make the UAE visa application process quick and easy.

  • ICA Applications

  • Establishments / Companies Applications (Security Approvals / Establishment Card / PRO card / Urgent Application / Fines Payments)

  • Applications of Visas & Entry Permits (Government / Employment / Mission / Transit / Cancellation / Modify details)

  • Change Status Applications

  • Residency Applications (New/Renewal / Cancellation / Modify Details / Details History)

  • Applications of Escapes

  • Entry Permits (Residence/Visit/Housemaid)

  • Gold visa,Residency Applications (New / Renewal / Change Status / Violation of Individuals)

  • Applications of Escapes

Federal Authority For Identity & Citizenship (ICA) Services

Emirates ID card is an identification card, issued by the Federal Authority For Identity & Citizenship, that all UAE citizens and residents are required to obtain.

    • Payment of fines / Complete additional Fees

    • Emirates ID applications (New / Renewal / Replacement)

Flexible Business Setup Services

If you are planning to set up a business in Abu Dhabi, simple steps and flexible procedures will help you achieve it in few days.

    • Trade Name Reservation

    • Preparing of MOA’s and LSA’s

    • Issuing ADCCI certificates

    • Opening Files in MOL & MOI

    • Issuing Investors Residency

    • Issuing MOE Certificates for Foreign Branches

    • Issuing Trade Licenses (Establishment / LLC / Foreign Branch)

Public Relations (Officer) PRO Services

Providing services to enterprises, institutions, local and foreign companies through the service of (Public Relations Officer) and following-up all the transactions. We provide expedient, reliable and cost-effective services for large corporations and SMEs, making us one of the choice PRO companies in the UAE. Through years of local industry experience, we have built enduring relationships with key government bodies, allowing us to offer our clients a seamless and efficient process for all their company and visa requirements. Our team keeps clients up-to-date with the progress of their requirements, leading to an honest, transparent and long-term working relationship. Our services are among the most competitive with Abu Dhabi and the UAE, which enables our clients to comply with local regulations while keeping their costs to only what is necessary. Whether you are a new entrepreneur setting up your first company or an established corporation building an office branch, we will guide you the processes and ensure you meet all relevant requirement on time. Submit your enquiry through our CRM https://muamalat.zohodesk.com/portal/en/newticket

Please go through the link to Online Request for pro services MUAMALAT M PRO Online Service.

    • Issuing and renewing the ADCCI Certificates

    • Notary Public Services

    • Issuing and renewing the MOI Establishment cards

    • Follow-up and issuing Residence Visas

    • Follow-up and Finalizing all type of Cancellation

    • Issuing and renewing  the MOE Certificates for Foreign Branches

    • Follow-up and issuing all type of employment visas

    • Attestation for certificates & documents from MOFA / UAE

    • Legal Translation for certificates & documents from MOFA / UAE

    • Issuing and renewing the Trade Licenses( Establishment / LLC / Foreign Branch)

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E-dirham Services

Complete processing of establishment cards at both the Ministry of Labor and Department of Residency and Naturalization.

    Complete processing of establishment cards at both the Ministry of Labor and Department of Residency and Naturalization.

    As well as following up on the complete process from A-Z for all employees until they get their residencies stamped and labor cards received by mail. This includes processing work permits, issuing labor guarantees, health insurance, medical checks, collecting VISAs, and stamping residencies.

    We also provide assistance to employees in sponsoring their families, and getting acquainted in Abu Dhabi, including transferring their driver licenses, finding accommodation, and assistance in other personal matters when arriving to Abu Dhabi.

local Service Agent

To setup a branch of a foreign company in Abu Dhabi and retain 100% ownership of your business, your company will need to have a local service agent, either in the form of an individual or the form of a company owned entirely by UAE nationals.

    A sponsor is a key element in the business operations. Although there is no direct interference in the company’s business, the sponsor facilitates all administrative work for the company. For instance, the sponsor is initially involved in signing and authorizing the opening of establishment cards at the Ministry of Labor and Department of Residency and Naturalization.

    Sponsors with clean records allow for a smooth process, while sponsors who might have issues with Labor, Immigration, Banks, and others can jeopardize your existence and operation in the country, may lead to a block on your organization from official departments.

    A good sponsor is also accessible and within reach when needed to sign and facilitate governmental relationship matters for the company.

    At Muamalat, we offer sponsorship packages for companies interested in entering UAE markets with the advantages of having:

  • 100% ownership of your business

  • Access to solid networks and linkages

  • No interference in your business operations

  • Guaranteed clean record at all departments

  • Accessibility when need to sign documents

  • Smooth licensing process

Legal Services

Our legal service department is designed for simplifying the most common legal issues in UAE, where clients are guaranteed with privacy and confidentiality on any transaction processed.

    The services include the following:

    • Drafting Memorandum of associations

    • Drafting Local service agent agreements

    • Drafting Power of attorneys

    • Drafting Specimen of signatures

    • Other general & legal services for individuals and

UAEPASS Registration

UAEPASS allows users to access UAE Government services using a single account. Users just need to authenticate once to access multiple on-line Government e-services.

    The vast majority of UAE Government Services are available online. Without UAEPASS, each UAE Government e-service requires a username and password to use the e-services. Consequently, a user needs to memorise, or document, his username and password for all e-services that he can access. Having to memorise, or document, multiple and different usernames and passwords often leads to situations where a user cannot access the desired e-service, due to forgotten passwords, or user accounts being blocked because of failed login attempts. The only solution is to unblock a username, and to choose a new password. Unblocking a username only reinstates access to a specific e-service. It does not solve the issue of having to memorise, or document, multiple usernames and passwords. UAE Government e-services, enabled by UAEPASS, accept the username and password that are stored in UAEPASS. Therefore, in order to access UAE Government e-services, a user only needs to memorise his UAEPASS username and password.

Labour Bank Guarantees Services

Employers will have to deposit a bank guarantee for every new employee they hire. The guarantee will be used to settle disputes involving the non-payment of wages if a company collapses or an expatriate partner flees, leaving behind financial commitments to its workers.

Judicial Department Abu Dhabi Services

We are pleased to provide the services of the Judicial Department (notary public - public prosecution - court requests).

    Notary services 1. Issuance of agencies. 2. Undertakings. 3. Declarations (such as declarations of non-marriage, non-work, status approval, etc.). 4. Sales and assignment contracts. 5. Notification of heredity. 6. Proof of divorce. 7. Proof of marriage. 8. All other legal services. Public Prosecution services. 1. Opening reports. 2. Refund of guarantees. 3. Case services (certificates in penal cases. 4. Depositing and disbursing sums pending a case. 5. Replacement of bail pending a criminal case. 6. Cancel the travel ban. 7. Request for disclosure of issues. 8. Opposition services to penal rulings. 9. All public prosecution services. Courts services. 1. Registration of conciliation and reconciliation claims. 2. Registration of family guidance lawsuits. 3. Registration of first-instance cases. 4. Under appeal. 5. Under implementation. (Execution file requests). 6. Certificates of non-bankruptcy (persons + companies). 7. Abu Dhabi Implementation Department 8. Implementation of the Abu Dhabi Labor Court. 9.All the court Services

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC

A service provided by the Criminal Investigations Department, by which a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), also known as a Certificate of Good Conduct, is issued.

    The applicant must hold an Emirates ID and a set of fingerprints registered at the time of issuing the ID A statement that the applicant does not have any pending criminal convictions shall be submitted. If the applicant lives outside of the United Arab Emirates, the certificate will be issued in the name of the UAE Embassy in the applicant’s country of current residence; to be indicated in the beneficiary information. If the applicant does not have a photograph in the criminal justice system’s database, he will be asked to visit the Naturalization, Residency and Ports Department to update the existing data and information. If the applicant’s full name in English does not match the Arabic, he will be asked to visit the Naturalization, Residency and Ports Department to update the existing data and information.

VAT Consultants

Worried about VAT registration? Muamalat Tax and Accounting have got your back. Our team of taxation experts are just a call away to help you with VAT registration processes. Our tax consultants handle VAT registration and abide by the FTA requirements to save you from any inconvenience. Let our team assist you in registering for VAT to avoid any penalties

    Our VAT Services: VAX Consultancy VAT Registration Services VAT Return Filing Services VAT Return Services

IT Services


Please go through the link to Online Request for IT services MUAMALAT IT IT Service.

    1.Tasheel system configuration and installation. 2.E-signature card installation. 3.Morpho biometric configuartion and installation. 4.Smart Pass and UAE PASS Registration. 5.Echannel system installation. 6.Domain and email hosting and registration. 7.Website Design. 8.All type of Tasheel system hardwares. 9.Zoho CRM,sales,desk implemenation. 10.Technical support for tasheel systems. 11.Digital marketing . For IT support please submit a ticket https://desk.zoho.com/portal/muamalat/en/newticket

Insurance (Daman)

The National Health Insurance Company – Daman – PJSC is the UAE’s leading health insurer providing comprehensive health insurance solutions to 2.6 million members in the UAE

    Daman, a pioneer in health care insurance, drives innovation through a combination of state-of-the-art technology and healthcare-related expertise offered by a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce. Members benefit from added value through unique offerings such as the disease management programmes. Daman provides a 24/7 customer call centre and medical services authorisation team who are in direct contact with Daman’s network of over 3,000 medical facilities. The company also provides a diverse range of digital services that are unmatched in the UAE.

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